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Experience the Viking Age

In the vivid exhibition you will meet the Vikings through movies, scenery, projections and sound effects as well as archaeological objects. Knowledgeable guides in Viking gear will answer all your questions and the many replicas let you explore life as a Viking with all your senses.  You will learn about the Viking raids, journeys and mastery in ship building as well as the everyday life at the farm. The Norse mythology is present everywhere and here myth meets truth.

The adventure ride Ragnfrid’s saga takes you along on a captivating journey through Viking age Europe. You will follow Harald and his crew on a dramatic quest for silver. The story told by an ageing Ragnfrid is built on historical characters and events and is recommended from 7 years.

Audioguide and adventure ride is available in English, Russian, Finnish, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Swedish.

In the exhibition, several guided tours are held daily in Swedish and English.

You will find the programme here. 

You can also book a private guided tour. Highly recommended for groups of 10 or more people. You will find more information here. 


Ragnfrid’s saga

Ragnfrid’s saga is a Viking ride where you get to follow along on a trip to the Viking Age. The journey begins at Frösala Farm with Ragnfrid and her husband Harald. Then you proceed to go on a journey where you witness plundering in the west and slave trade in the east. With sounds, light and atmospheric environments you travel through the 11-minute journey that is told by Ragnfrid herself.

Ragnfrids saga is offered in the following languages: Swedish, English, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

Good to know about Ragnfrid’s saga

  • We recommend that children under the age of 7 go in adult company as the Viking ride can be considered a bit scary by some.
  • For those with hearing impairment, there are scripts for the Viking ride printed in Swedish and English. Ask for these down in the ride.
  • Wheelchairs are not possible to be brought onboard the ride, but one of the carts has a foldable side which makes it easier to move from the wheelchair to the wagon. In the wagon you must sit with bent legs.

Our archaeologists and guides

Read about our guides and archaeologists

Eric Östergren



Eric has runes and helmets from the Vendel period as his special interest.

Sanna Söderberg


Literary scholar

Sanna has Viking age crimes and punishment as her special interest.


Askur Ingvaldsson



Askur has viking age battle strategy as his special interest.

Jakob Ladstedt



Jakob has dragons and other mythological beings as his special interest.

Jacob Bernander



Jacob has mythology as his special interest.

Gwen Quintaes



Gwen has arts and crafts as her special interest.

Per Sandberg



Per has skaldic poetry and Viking age travels as his special interest.

Amanda Rimmer



Amanda has textile crafts as her special interest, she dyes with natural colours and does sowing in a Viking manner.

Edvin Stridh


Historian of ideas

Edvin has a special interest in the study of culture and history of ideas.

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