Experience The Viking Museum

Warm welcome to The Viking Museum! Meet the viking age eye to eye in the place where myth meets truth. An interactive museum with real vikings, a ride through Ragnfrids tale, daily tours and a wonderful restaurant and shop. 

DAily tours

10:30 English

11:30 Family tour (Swedish)

12:30 English

13:30 Family tour (Swedish)

14:30 English

15:30 Swedish

16.30 English

All the tours are included in the entry-ticket

Summer at The Viking Museum

During summer The Viking Museum provides a programme with different themes to inspire our visitors! Our restaurant Glöd is serving outside the museum so you are able to enjoy good food and drinks in the sun. Even our vikings needs sunlight and hang out outside so they might play you some music on your way in or maybe even challenge you to a battle.

Ragnfrids Tale

At the museum you can experience a viking voyage where Ragnfrid takes you along in the history based story where her husband Harald needs to go on a raid to save their village! The ride is provided in following languages:

Swedish, English, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish, Italian French and German

Everyone under 7 years old are recommended to go with an adult.


If you are not not taking part in our guided tours, you have the opportunity to use our audioguide that we provide in multiple languages. All you need is your phone and you are ready to go!

The guide is provided in: Swedish, English, Finnish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese och Spanish


During august we celebrates the theme love! The museum has butterflies in the stomach and has warm feelings in the sign of the goddess of love Freja. Just like our other themes for the different months, the museum holds a bunch of fun activities. Warm welcome to spend a loving august with us!

Love letters written in runes

Every Wednesday 10am – 2pm our visitors are able to write to their loved ones in runes and listen to love stories. You can either write freely with the help och an alphabet inspired set off runes or write a text based in historical finds from the viking age. When you have written something sweet for someone you can post it to the ones you hold dear. 

Sacrifice to the gods

Every Wednesday in august at 2pm the museum will hold a traditional ceremony to sacrifice to the gods. If you are unhappily in love, happily in love or have any other wish you can use your love letter in runes or write something during the ceremony that will burn in the fire and your massage will travel with the smoke up to the gods. No matter the purpose, it is always important to stay on good terms with the gods, especially the love goddess Freja. 

PRIDE GUIDed tours

During Stockholm pride week the museum will have a special guided tour as an addition to the ordinary daily guided tours. It is a tour along the viking age through a LGTBQ+ perspective, how was it back then? Learn about gender, norms, magic ad love! August 1st – August 5th at 2pm, welcome!


Adults: 179 KR

Children 7-15: 139 KR

Children 0-6: Free



FAMILy: 545 KR

(Two adults, two children)

Season ticket: 395 KR

Season ticket reduced: 375 KR


(We do not take cash at The Viking Museum)

Stay updated on future activities!

Besides the daily tours, Ragnfrids tale and our exhibition, the museum plans a lot of fun activities like courses, craftsmanship, martial arts, fortune tellings, games and much more! Therefore it is very good to follow us on our social media so you do not miss out on what is going on at the museum!

Djurgårdsstrand 15