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Group bookings

You can visit The Viking Museum with your group, we have something for young and old. We will gladly arrange a group visit for you which include everything you wish for. You can choose to either just visit the museum, combine with a guided tour, Viking activities or even enjoy a tasty meal at our restaurant Glöd.

Guided tours

You can add a shorter guided tour that gives you an introduction to the Viking age or a more specialized tour for those who really want to have deep knowledge of the Viking age. Or why not one of our themed tours? Maybe a special subject fits your group perfectly. We offer themes like; The stories of the runes, the Viking ships and their travels, fairytales and mythologys and among valkyries and housewives.

Digital tour

It is now possible to visit The Viking Museum from the comfort of your own home! We offer guided tours via Skype. The digital tour is interactive and takes about 1 hour, you get to accompany one of our archaeologist through the exhibition and get a chance to ask questions during the tour. The guided tour is a introduction to the Viking age, but it is also possible to request a theme for the tour (ex. runes, mythology, travels or women in the Viking age).
The price for a digital visit is 1500 kr and can be booked here.


The Viking Museum offers a number of different packages for groups

Lessons for schools

You can visit the museum with your class. We have chosen to combine a interactive lesson with our exciting Viking ride. Our lessons are based on the curriculum for that year.

We accept classes from elementary school, pre-school and adult education.


An interactive lesson in the exhibition with one of our archaeologists. Try Viking age foods and crafts. The visit ends with a tour in our Viking ride.


A childerens guided tour in the exhibition with one of our archaeologists. Learn about the children of the Viking age, get the chance to actually feel real objects.


We do specialized guided tours for adult education groups. You can chose between a introductory tour about the Viking age of a themed tour about runes, women in the Viking age, travels or mythology.


We offer digital lessons for your class. This makes it possible to experience the museum without having to leave the classroom.

We can not accept unannounced school groups. All visits must be booked in advance.

Adventure and learning for schools

The VIking Museum offers fun, exciting and interactive lessons for all ages.

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