The Viking Museum welcomes the tattoo artist Viktor Ohlsson


Our most popular event is back! We’re inviting tattoo artist Viktor Ohlsson 1-4 october!

The Viking Museum welcomes the tattoo artist Viktor Ohlsson 1st – 4th of October. Viktor knew he wanted to work as a tattoo artist when he was only six years old and his great interest in tattoo history led him to master the art of tattooing with a needle by hand.


Viktor will only be able to tattoo already made motifs, since the time won’t allow anything else. There will be two sizes to choose from and the price will range between 700-1200 SEK. There will be a template with a larger amount of tattoos to choose from, like the runes, other viking age inspired motifs and historical drawings. On Friday and Saturday, you will be able to bring your own motif. This has to be sent with the booking of interest email.

Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd
Send your declaration of interest to book your appointment. This day you’re able to tattoo your own motif.

Sunday 4th
Drop in
On the Sunday you will only be able to tattoo from a template of tattoos. The tattoos are small and inspired by the viking age.
See the motifs here. 

*The Viking Museum and Viktor Ohlsson obtain the right to refuse motifs.
Bring your valid photo ID. We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.
Please note that an entrance fee will be added to the price. The entrance is 179SEK/adult.
If you have already booked an appointment för last event in March, this is still valid, but you need to contact us here before 11/9 15.00.