Here you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is still unanswered.

Plan your visit

Can I bring a suitcase into the museum?

The Viking museum has free admission for all refugees. Show the LMA card from the Swedish Migration Agency or your passport at the entrance. We follow the Swedish Police Authority’s bag ban, which means no bags bigger than 40x40x20 cm (height x width x depth) are allowed to be carried around the museum. Bags that fit can be left in the lockers. Exceptions are made for people who need to bring a bag inside the museum for medical reasons and for people with children who need to bring a nappy bag.

Can I bring my dog into The Viking Museum?

Due to allergies and the animals’ well being, they are not allowed in the museum. We do allow guide dogs however.

Can I park my car near The Viking Museum?

The Viking Musuem has no parking spaces of our own. There are a few parking spaces close by, but we recommend getting to the museum by public transportation or by walking. Click here for further instructions on how to find us.

Can we store jackets anywhere?

Yes, we have a cloakroom with both hangers and lockers.

Is The Viking Museum located indoors or outdoors?

Both the exhibition and the ride are located indoors at The Viking Museum.

Payment and Tickets

What is the entrance fee at The Viking Museum?

Our entrance fee is 189 SEK for adults, 149 SEK for children and 165 SEK for seniors and students. Children under the age of seven go in for free.

Can I pay with cash at The Viking Museum?

Unfortunately not. We are a cash-free museum, but we accept all forms of card payments in the entrance, the shop, and the restaurant.

Can I buy tickets to The Viking Museum in advance?

Yes, you can buy tickets in advance. After your purchase, the tickets will be sent to you digitally. Clickhere to buy tickets.

Is the adventure ride Ragnfrid’s Saga included in the entrance fee?


Ragnfrids Saga

What is Ragnfrid’s Saga?

The museum’s ride, Ragnfrid’s Saga, takes you on an exciting adventure through 10th century Europe. The story begins at Frösala farm, where Ragnfrid and Harald live together with their daughter Sigrid. Harald has wasted all of the family’s money and has to go out on a Viking Raid in order to win back their fortune and honor.

The ride lasts for eleven minutes and is available in the following languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Finnish and Chinese.

We recommend that children under 7 years are accompanied by an adult on the ride.


Is the ride scary?

The viking ride can be perceived as scary, loud or dark by some. Therefore we recommend children under the age of 7 to be accompanied by an adult.

In which languages can I hear Ragnfrid’s Saga?

Ragnfrids saga erbjuds på följande språk: svenska, engelska, ryska, finska, kinesiska, spanska, italienska, franska och tyska.


How wheelchair-friendly is The Viking Museum?

The entire exhibition, shop and restaurant are wheelchair-friendly. We also have a wheelchair for loan if necessary. There are two disabled parking spots in front of the entrance to the museum. In the building, there is also an elevator and a bathroom that are handicap-friendly.

Can I go on the ride with a wheelchair?

Unfortunately it is not possible to remain in the wheelchair during the ride, but we do have a handicap-friendly car with a fold-down side. However, the person in the wheelchair has to be able to move from the chair, by themselves or with the aid of an assistant, to the car.


Can I enjoy the museum if I am blind or visually impaired?

Yes! We offer a free audio guide in nine different languages for those who, for different reasons, can’t take part of our written material. For the visually impaired, it is possible to feel and touch different objects in the exhibition. We also allow guide dogs in the entire building.

Can I enjoy the museum if I am deaf or have hearing loss?

Yes! We have an audio induction loop in the entrance, exhibition and shop for those with hearing loss. The information in the exhibition is largely based on texts and there is a text version of the audio guide that you can read on your smartphone. It is also possible to take part of a text version of the narrative in our adventure ride.

Food and Beverages

Is it possible to get something to eat at The Viking Museum?

Inside The Viking Museum you will also find Eld restaurant. The menu offers quality dishes with Nordic influences. There is also a wide selection of organic pastries, buns and cookies. Children-friendly dishes and vegetarian options are also available.

We do not have a space for consuming food that has been brought from outside. Food and open containers of drinks are not allowed in the exhibition or in the ride.

Can I visit Restaurant Eld without paying the entrance fee to the museum?

You are very welcome to visit our restaurant without paying the entrance fee. The same goes for our museum shop.

Other questions

Did the Vikings have horns on their helmets?

No, the Vikings did not have horns on their helmets. This is a myth that started in the 19th century, when Richard Wagner used horned helmets as costumes in his opera The Ring of the Nibelung.