School visits

Experience the Viking age together with your students

Adventure and teaching

The Viking Museum offers fun, exciting and interactive lessons for ages around 10-15. Students can experience the Viking age with several senses – see and feel items, taste Viking food, try the workmanship and end with a trip in our exciting Viking ride; Ragnfrid’s saga. The content of the lesson follow the curriculum in history for your grade.

School booking

The Viking Museum welcomes many school groups through our doors. We have chosen to combine an interactive lesson in our exhibition with our thrilling Viking ride Ragnfrids saga. We have different lessons depending on which years the students are in. You can also book lessons on specific themes.

– We can accept a maximum of 30 student per lesson.
– We recomment that school groups visit us at 10:00, it is the least amount of visitors in the museum at that time. It is possible to book other times as well.
– We would like 3 teachers/accompanying adults to join every group.
– We do not have a room for eating packed lunch.


The price is 85 kr per student. It is included a interactive lesson, our ride Ragnfrids saga and a teachers manual which will be send out in advance. Minimum of 10 student per group. All accompanying adults enter for free.


The price is 65 kr per child. It is included a childrens guided tour (30 min) and a accompanying guide.
The adventure ride Ragnfrids saga can be viewed as scary for smaller children and is recommended for children aged 7 and up. The childrens parents will decide if their children are allowed to take the ride or not. The teachers will inform the staff which children are allowed to do the ride.


The price is 85 kr per student. It is included a guided tour (45 minuters), our Viking ride Ragnfrids saga and entrance to the museum. The tour is a general introduction to the Viking age, it is possible to book a themed tour with topics such as: runes, mythology, women in the Viking age, travels and ships or cultural meetings.

We can not accept unannounced school groups. All visits must be booked in advance.

Digital lesson

The Viking Museum offers digital tours for your class. You can now experience our exhibition along with our guides without having to leave the classroom.
The lesson takes about 1 hour and makes is possible for your class to ask questions directly to our archaeologists.

Price: 1500 kr (A teachers manual is included)


NEW! Our vikings will come to you! We will send out a viking, dressed in viking attire with artefacts for a lesson in your classroom. In that way, your students can ask all of their questions without leaving the classroom.
The lesson takes about one hour.

Price: 2000 kr

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