Visit us with your School Class

Visit us with your school class! We offer fun, interesting and educational tours for preeschools, elementary schools and adult students. The class gets to experience the Viking Age with several senses – examine and touch objects, taste Viking Age snacks and take a trip in our exciting Viking Ride, Ragnfrid’s Saga. The content of the tour follows the school’s history curriculum.


For preschools we offer a guided tour for children with one of our Vikings in the exhibition. Learn about how Viking Age children lived, examine and touch cool objects and listen to exciting stories. Price: 65 SEK per child. The price includes a 30 minutes long children’s tour in the exhibition together with one of our guides.

The adventure ride Ragnfrid’s Saga can be perceived as scary by samller children and is therefore recommended from 7 years. The children’s legal guardians decide if their child is allowed to go on the ride. The teachers tell the museum staff which children can go.

Elementary Schools

Elementary school classes are offered a guided tour in the exhibition with one of our Vikings. Taste Viking Age snacks and touch weapons and armor. The tour concludes with the adventure ride Ragnfrid’s Saga.

Price: 85 SEK per child. The price includes an interactive tour and our ride Ragnfrid’s Saga. All accompanying adults go in for free.

The content of the tour follows the grade’s curriculum in history.

For groups of less than ten students we have a fixed price of 850 SEK.

Adult Student Groups

We do specialized guided tours for adult student groups. Choose between an introduction to the Viking Age or a themed tour about runes, mythology, women in the Viking Age or ships and travel for instance.

Price: 85 SEK per student. The price includes a 45 minutes guided tour, our ride Ragnfrid’s Saga and entrance to the museum.

Digital Tours

The Viking Museum also offer digital guided tours for students. This way you can experience our exhibition, together with our guides, without having to leave the classroom.

The tour lasts for about an hour and offers the possibility for the students to ask questions directly to the guide.

Price: 1500 SEK.

Special needs classes

Does your students have special needs? Our guided tours can be adjusted to fit your group and we strive to make the content accessible to everyone. We have experience in guiding groups with neuro-psychiatric disabilities, blindness, hearing loss and groups in need of Swedish for beginners.

Rent a Viking

If you and your students don’t have the possibility to come to the museum, we can bring our Vikings to you! We will send a guide, with historical attire and objects, who will teach your class about the Viking Age. This way the students will have the oppurtunity to ask all their questions, without having to leave the classroom.

The class lasts for about one hour.

Price. 2000 SEK (offer is only available for schools in Stockholm Municipality).