Privacy policy

The Viking Museum takes your personal data very seriously and protecting it is not just our responsibility but first and foremost your right. GDPR is legislation to help align previously existing data protection protocols and increase the level of protection for individuals. Integrity, transparency, accuracy, and accountability are essential

What do we store?

Our storage of your data contains your full name and email address for our newsletters. We do not collect data that has not been given consent by the data subject and stay between the data subject and the data controller. As the EU GDPR article 11 states, the subject’s data is not obligated to get identified på the controller. The data subjects data will only be stored by the data controller as long as the data is being used. As the data subject unsubscribe from The Viking Museum newsletter, the data will be removed in the process so the data controller does not store data unless it is useful and necessary. 

The data subjects’ information is not shared amongst any data processors and stays within the controller’s legal obligation.

What are your rights?

As the EU GDPR article 16 states, you are able to correct and change any data given to the controller if anything were to change. However, first and foremost EU GDPR article 17 is important hence it is your right to be forgotten. At any given time you are able to have your data erased without complications and the data controller is obligated to erase the subject’s data within a month.

Big Data:

The Viking Museum also uses big data when analyzing the statistics of the website. This data is anonymous and therefore not anything of concern hence it is not able to trace it to the data subject in any way. The data the museum is collecting is for example: 

  • How many visitors the site gets from each country
  • How long time the visitors spend on the site
  • Which pages are visited
  • How the visitor finds the site
  • What time during the day has the most activity

These are a few examples of bag data that The Viking Museum is viewing. The purpose of the big data is for the museum to improve the website based on the user and make the site as effective, fun, and helpful as possible. Therefore, the data subject in this matter is not traceable and completely anonymous, meaning that all your rights still apply. If any data around a subject would be collected, it would follow EU GDPR article 7 and therefore not be collected without consent from the data subject.

Correcting or erasing your data:

If you wish to act on the EU GDPR articles 16 and 17 and correct or erase your data, you can contact us:

Email: or call 08-40022990  

This also goes for any questions surrounding your data or your rights.

Responsible controller

The Viking Museum Stockholm AB
ORG: 559012-0415
Djurgårdsstrand 15