Privacy policy

Vikingaliv always strives to protect your personal integrity. We handle your personal information the best way by following the existing laws and rules. This privacy policy concerns all our services.

Your information is stored through our website with the intention for you to be able to handle your bookings and purchases. The information is stored after this for us to give you the best service possible. This could be that we would have to reconnect with you regarding the existing matter or in marketing purpose. Your information is anonymized when it is no longer relevant for the purpose it was collected.

If you choose to subscribe to our news letter your information is stored.

The information is later used to email our digital news letter and other advertisement or information that we consider relevant to the recipent.

You have the right to, at any given time, have your personal information removed from us. You do this by contacting us either by phone at +46(0)8 400 229 90 or email at You are also able to contact us to see your information the same way.

Our website uses cookies with the purpose to gather statistics and information regarding the customers’ purchasing habits and interests to better our services and meet our customers’ demands. Cookies is also there to better the experience for the visitor and simplify the website usage. We do not take responsibility for how websites linked from our website handle your information.

Check mark:

I hereby accept that Vikingaliv stores my personal information (e-mail and full name) for the purpose of sending me information via email. Vikingaliv handles the security regarding my personal indomation with upmost respect and concern. Vikingaliv never hands over my information to a third party.

What information is stored?

The email adress you declared when signing up to the news letter.

What is the legal basis for the information storage?

We base the collection of personal information on mutual agreement.

Purpose for the collection?

The purpose for the storage of personal information (email and full name) is to be able to distribute news letters to the people who agreed to recieving the news letter.

How do you take part of the stored information?

You have the right to see what information we have stored about you. To do this, contact:

How to erase or correct the information

You have the right to demand correction or deletion of your personal information at any time. To do so contact:

How to limit use of information or revoke your agreement

You also have the right to limit the use of information and revoce your agreement at anytime. To do so contact:

Period of time which the information is stored

Personal information (name, adress and email) that is left in conjunction with a subsciption of the news letter is only stored as long as you’re subscribing still. When you unsubscribe we remove your information.

Contact to person in charge of information

Contact: Karin Sahlin
Phone exchange: 08-40022990

Company in charge of receiving the information:

Vikingaliv Drift AB
ORG: 559012-0415
Djurgårdsvägen 48

Right to complain to a regulator

If you are of the opinion that we handled your personal information in a way that isn’t applicable to our stated directives you have the right to complain to a regulator.